Week 5 Summery

This week was probably my favorite week. I’ve enjoyed this course and learned a lot from CPSC106. This week was our final week. We completed our final project and other projects. Everything went smoothly thankfully. The only difficulty I had was trying to think of what I should do for my Tutorial. I feel that I have done well on my assignments this week. I’ve worked on my assignments all week and had good time-management. I wouldn’t do anything differently this week and I don’t have any questions. Have a great rest of the summer! I’ll miss the fun assignments from this course.

Creating your Own Digital Assignment 

Creating a Tutorial

Visual Design
Visual Writing

Final Project: Swarley the Missing Dinosaur

I even did a Daily Create for fun!

Tommy, Courtney, and Amanda commented on my blog and I replied to their comments.
comments week 5

I commented on:
Tommy Fairbank’s blog post Tutorial #2 High Real.
Courtney Rodenbough’s blog post Tutorial for decorate the UMW spirit rock.
Amanda Peregory’s blog post Create an Assignment #2.

I’ve enjoyed commenting and looking at other student’s blogs. Some are really good and some projects are very well done. It’s also exciting having other students comment on my blog. I’ve had fun in this class and I’ll definitely miss it!

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