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Creating your Own Digital Assignment

I chose to do a Writing Assignment! I called it “A Haiku Poem About A Haiku Poem” and deemed it four stars. My description of for the assignment is: “For this Writing Assignment, you’re asked to write a haiku poem about haiku poems. You can write about what people normally write in a haiku poem, how a haiku poem is formed, and/or how you feel about writing haiku poems. This assignment might sound tricky, but I know you can do it! Write at least 9 lines (3 sets) and have fun. ” I also wrote my own Haiku Poem about a Haiku Poem :


I love writing Haiku poems so this was fun and semi easy for me. I hope people will enjoy my assignment! You can look at my assignment through this link. It isn’t showing my picture of my poem on my assignment link currently for some reason.