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Week 5 Summery

This week was probably my favorite week. I’ve enjoyed this course and learned a lot from CPSC106. This week was our final week. We completed our final project and other projects. Everything went smoothly thankfully. The only difficulty I had was trying to think of what I should do for my Tutorial. I feel that I have done well on my assignments this week. I’ve worked on my assignments all week and had good time-management. I wouldn’t do anything differently this week and I don’t have any questions. Have a great rest of the summer! I’ll miss the fun assignments from this course.

Creating your Own Digital Assignment 

Creating a Tutorial

Visual Design
Visual Writing

Final Project: Swarley the Missing Dinosaur

I even did a Daily Create for fun!

Tommy, Courtney, and Amanda commented on my blog and I replied to their comments.
comments week 5

I commented on:
Tommy Fairbank’s blog post Tutorial #2 High Real.
Courtney Rodenbough’s blog post Tutorial for decorate the UMW spirit rock.
Amanda Peregory’s blog post Create an Assignment #2.

I’ve enjoyed commenting and looking at other student’s blogs. Some are really good and some projects are very well done. It’s also exciting having other students comment on my blog. I’ve had fun in this class and I’ll definitely miss it!

Final Project: Swarley the Missing Dinosaur

Once upon a time there was a little dinosaur named Swarley. One day when he was going for a walk in the woods with his parents, he suddenly fell down a hill while his parents weren’t looking! Swarley got knocked unconscious. His parents searched and yelled for him but poor Swarley couldn’t answer. When Swarley finally woke-up, it was night time. He was too scared to yell because he was alone and scared of the dark. Instead, he took out his camcorder and started videotaping his surroundings for a while.

While Swarley was videotaping, he searched for his parents. He looked high and low for his mom Rosie and dad Frankie. He searched throughout the night and into the following day. Swarley finally took a break next to a river and sat down. He then remembered that he had a picture collage of himself and his family in his bag.
BeFunky Collage4
He took it out and started crying because he missed his parents so much. He put the picture back into his bag and decided to go for a swim in the river. All of a sudden rain clouds started to roll in. Swarley got his bag and went to find shelter in a nearby cave. He took out his pen and paper and decided to write a poem to keep his mind off things.
dino poem2
But the poem didn’t help, so Swarley went to bed shivering. The next day, he woke up to the sound of music! Swarley got so excited that he jumped up and started running towards the sound. He eventually came across a Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) hangout. They were listening to a radio, talking, and eating the latest kill. Then suddenly, there was a radio interruption!

Swarley cried out “That’s my parents!” The fellow dinosaurs then called the parents and took care of little Swarley. They fed him and listened to his story of being separated from his parents. Swarley’s parents came as soon as they could and ran on over. They embraced him and thanked the fellow dinosaurs for their help. All was finally well.
Unfortunately, a week later a huge meteor hit and killed all the dinosaurs on Earth. The End.

Video for Week 5

This video is of Swarley’s late night walk on his first night separated from his parents.

I made this one night walking around my apartment. I recorded a few videos on my phone then uploaded it onto my computer using a cable. Next I used Window’s Movie Maker to compile all the videos and add an intro and credit section. I saved it then uploaded it onto YouTube. It was fun making this video, the only hard part was trying not to get any street lights or apartment lights in the picture.

Audio for Week 5

When Swarley was listening to the radio, he heard this Missing Report broadcast from his parents Rosie and Frankie. He became very excited when he heard that his parents were looking for him.

I recorded this on my phone’s Voice Recorder app. The voices were of my fiance and I. I then downloaded it onto my computer through a cable. It was very easy to download and we recorded it first try! I then uploaded it onto SoundCloud. I wrote a script before hand to help us stay on track. I think this “radio interruption” is perfect for my character story.

Visual Writing for Week 5

Swarley the Dinosaur has been feeling down lately without the comfort of his parents. He hopes to find them soon, but in the meantime, he wrote this Haiku poem expressing how he has been feeling and what he has been going through during the search for his parents. I used the Paint application on my computer to create this picture and add the color around the poem.

dino poem2

Visual Design for Week 5

For my character Swarley the Dinosaur, I have compiled a collage of his family photos for my Visual Design. Swarley the Dinosaur needs this collage to help comfort himself. He got lost and now he is on an adventure to find them! Using a collage maker online called BeFunky, I was able to put together some photos of Swarley and his family. Hopefully Swarley can use this to show fellow animals or dinosaurs and ask if they have seen his parents.
As you can see, some of these were professionally taken and others were just random pictures of the family out-and-about. As an added bonus to this photo collage, in the middle picture you can see Swarley’s two cousins posing … or roaring … in the photo alongside Swarley and his parents. (These photos were found through these URLs.)

BeFunky Collage4

Creating a Tutorial: How to properly upload a Flickr photo on your WordPress blog

Hello there! I’m here to help you properly upload a Flickr photo onto your blog. I will show you pictures from my own blog below. Your blog might look slightly different. To get started, first sign into your WordPress blog:

Then click on the compass looking icon located on the upper left tool bar:

Once you click the icon, your screen should look similar to the following picture:

Next, you click on the icon on the left toolbar that looks like a tack:

Once you’ve clicked on the tack icon, click on the “Add New” link towards the top left of the screen:

Your screen should now look similar to the following:

Once you’ve typed what you’ve wanted to say, click ENTER on your keyboard to go to the next line. Example shown below:

Now, go to your Flickr page and click on the picture you want to upload. Example shown below:
8 9

On the bottom right you’ll see an arrow; click on the arrow and a new screen should appear. Example shown below:
10 11

Copy the highlighted URL on your screen.

Now go back to your blog post and past the URL on the last line you created. Example shown below:
12 13

Your picture should have automatically shown up! Congrats, you now know how to insert a Flickr photo into your blog.

Hint: omit any part of the URL that has “in/photostream”.

Another way you could also insert a Flickr photo into your blog post is by going to the “Add Media” icon on your screen:

Click on “Insert from URL” on the left column:

Insert the Flickr photo URL that you copied before. Example shown below:

Then click “Insert into post” on the lower right of the screen:

Then it will upload onto your blog post!

Congrats, you now know two different ways to insert a Flickr photo into your blog!

Creating your Own Digital Assignment

I chose to do a Writing Assignment! I called it “A Haiku Poem About A Haiku Poem” and deemed it four stars. My description of for the assignment is: “For this Writing Assignment, you’re asked to write a haiku poem about haiku poems. You can write about what people normally write in a haiku poem, how a haiku poem is formed, and/or how you feel about writing haiku poems. This assignment might sound tricky, but I know you can do it! Write at least 9 lines (3 sets) and have fun. ” I also wrote my own Haiku Poem about a Haiku Poem :


I love writing Haiku poems so this was fun and semi easy for me. I hope people will enjoy my assignment! You can look at my assignment through this link. It isn’t showing my picture of my poem on my assignment link currently for some reason.

Creating Tutorial: Changing the tint of a color on Paint

Hello everyone! I’m here to help show you how to change the color tint on the application Paint.
The Paint application icon should look like the following picture for those of you who are not familiar.

Open the Paint application and it should look like the following picture.

At the upper tool bar, on the right of all of the colors, you will see the words “Edit colors.”

Click on that and a small window should appear.

On the right, there is a vertical column with an arrow at the bottom.

Since that arrow starts off on the bottom of the color column, it will be the color’s darkest form (hence the “Color|Solid” box).

In order to change the color tint, you move the arrow to the desired color tint then click the OK button.

Once you’ve clicked OK, you will be able to use your color. You can see your color at the top tool bar.

Congratulations! You now know how to change the tint of any color you want on Paint. Have fun creating!