Creating Tutorial: Changing the tint of a color on Paint

Hello everyone! I’m here to help show you how to change the color tint on the application Paint.
The Paint application icon should look like the following picture for those of you who are not familiar.

Open the Paint application and it should look like the following picture.

At the upper tool bar, on the right of all of the colors, you will see the words “Edit colors.”

Click on that and a small window should appear.

On the right, there is a vertical column with an arrow at the bottom.

Since that arrow starts off on the bottom of the color column, it will be the color’s darkest form (hence the “Color|Solid” box).

In order to change the color tint, you move the arrow to the desired color tint then click the OK button.

Once you’ve clicked OK, you will be able to use your color. You can see your color at the top tool bar.

Congratulations! You now know how to change the tint of any color you want on Paint. Have fun creating!

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