Creating a Tutorial: How to properly upload a Flickr photo on your WordPress blog

Hello there! I’m here to help you properly upload a Flickr photo onto your blog. I will show you pictures from my own blog below. Your blog might look slightly different. To get started, first sign into your WordPress blog:

Then click on the compass looking icon located on the upper left tool bar:

Once you click the icon, your screen should look similar to the following picture:

Next, you click on the icon on the left toolbar that looks like a tack:

Once you’ve clicked on the tack icon, click on the “Add New” link towards the top left of the screen:

Your screen should now look similar to the following:

Once you’ve typed what you’ve wanted to say, click ENTER on your keyboard to go to the next line. Example shown below:

Now, go to your Flickr page and click on the picture you want to upload. Example shown below:
8 9

On the bottom right you’ll see an arrow; click on the arrow and a new screen should appear. Example shown below:
10 11

Copy the highlighted URL on your screen.

Now go back to your blog post and past the URL on the last line you created. Example shown below:
12 13

Your picture should have automatically shown up! Congrats, you now know how to insert a Flickr photo into your blog.

Hint: omit any part of the URL that has “in/photostream”.

Another way you could also insert a Flickr photo into your blog post is by going to the “Add Media” icon on your screen:

Click on “Insert from URL” on the left column:

Insert the Flickr photo URL that you copied before. Example shown below:

Then click “Insert into post” on the lower right of the screen:

Then it will upload onto your blog post!

Congrats, you now know two different ways to insert a Flickr photo into your blog!

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