Visual Design for Week 5

For my character Swarley the Dinosaur, I have compiled a collage of his family photos for my Visual Design. Swarley the Dinosaur needs this collage to help comfort himself. He got lost and now he is on an adventure to find them! Using a collage maker online called BeFunky, I was able to put together some photos of Swarley and his family. Hopefully Swarley can use this to show fellow animals or dinosaurs and ask if they have seen his parents.
As you can see, some of these were professionally taken and others were just random pictures of the family out-and-about. As an added bonus to this photo collage, in the middle picture you can see Swarley’s two cousins posing … or roaring … in the photo alongside Swarley and his parents. (These photos were found through these URLs.)

BeFunky Collage4

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