Final Project: Swarley the Missing Dinosaur

Once upon a time there was a little dinosaur named Swarley. One day when he was going for a walk in the woods with his parents, he suddenly fell down a hill while his parents weren’t looking! Swarley got knocked unconscious. His parents searched and yelled for him but poor Swarley couldn’t answer. When Swarley finally woke-up, it was night time. He was too scared to yell because he was alone and scared of the dark. Instead, he took out his camcorder and started videotaping his surroundings for a while.

While Swarley was videotaping, he searched for his parents. He looked high and low for his mom Rosie and dad Frankie. He searched throughout the night and into the following day. Swarley finally took a break next to a river and sat down. He then remembered that he had a picture collage of himself and his family in his bag.
BeFunky Collage4
He took it out and started crying because he missed his parents so much. He put the picture back into his bag and decided to go for a swim in the river. All of a sudden rain clouds started to roll in. Swarley got his bag and went to find shelter in a nearby cave. He took out his pen and paper and decided to write a poem to keep his mind off things.
dino poem2
But the poem didn’t help, so Swarley went to bed shivering. The next day, he woke up to the sound of music! Swarley got so excited that he jumped up and started running towards the sound. He eventually came across a Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) hangout. They were listening to a radio, talking, and eating the latest kill. Then suddenly, there was a radio interruption!

Swarley cried out “That’s my parents!” The fellow dinosaurs then called the parents and took care of little Swarley. They fed him and listened to his story of being separated from his parents. Swarley’s parents came as soon as they could and ran on over. They embraced him and thanked the fellow dinosaurs for their help. All was finally well.
Unfortunately, a week later a huge meteor hit and killed all the dinosaurs on Earth. The End.

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