Week 5 Summery

This week was probably my favorite week. I’ve enjoyed this course and learned a lot from CPSC106. This week was our final week. We completed our final project and other projects. Everything went smoothly thankfully. The only difficulty I had was trying to think of what I should do for my Tutorial. I feel that I have done well on my assignments this week. I’ve worked on my assignments all week and had good time-management. I wouldn’t do anything differently this week and I don’t have any questions. Have a great rest of the summer! I’ll miss the fun assignments from this course.

Creating your Own Digital Assignment 

Creating a Tutorial

Visual Design
Visual Writing

Final Project: Swarley the Missing Dinosaur

I even did a Daily Create for fun!

Tommy, Courtney, and Amanda commented on my blog and I replied to their comments.
comments week 5

I commented on:
Tommy Fairbank’s blog post Tutorial #2 High Real.
Courtney Rodenbough’s blog post Tutorial for decorate the UMW spirit rock.
Amanda Peregory’s blog post Create an Assignment #2.

I’ve enjoyed commenting and looking at other student’s blogs. Some are really good and some projects are very well done. It’s also exciting having other students comment on my blog. I’ve had fun in this class and I’ll definitely miss it!

Week 4 Summery

This week wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I had a lot of fun will my assignments. My favorite assignments this week were probably watching the cinematic technique videos and creating my own tutorial. The cinematic technique videos weren’t what I was expecting. I was expecting some old guy talking in a monotone voice for a long time, but instead I watched three fun, educational, short, and exciting videos. Also, creating my own tutorial was fun because I got to use this “Snipping Tool” my fiance put on my computer a while ago. This week, one of the things I learned and had fun doing was using the “Insert/edit link” button when writing my blogs. I found out you can highlight words, click on the button, and insert a URL so when you click on the word you go to the page you’re talking about. It’s amazing! I finally know how to and now I want to do it to everything. I have too much fun with the little things in life. Furthermore, my most difficult task I had to complete this week was my video assignments. Window’s Movie Maker on my computer was giving me the hardest time trying to convert my video to YouTube and my Blog. It took me and my fiance about an hour to try to figure out how to change the file extension. We were thinking too hard about it and started trying to download all sorts of things to try to convert it. Thankfully we figured it out and I was able to upload my video assignments to my blog! For my “create your own Digital Storytelling Assignment,” it took me a while to try to think of a good one that I haven’t seen. Luckily after brainstorming, I came up with creating your very own logo. I did the assignment myself in order to test it out and I found it fun, creative, and only slightly challenging. This week I feel that I completed the requirements and did well on them. I put a lot of time into this course and all of its work. Technology has to be one of my weakest points but I am eager to learn and I truly want to continue to learn more. This week I wouldn’t do anything differently, except manage my time a little better (I’m getting better at it but I still need a little more work). I don’t have any questions at the moment. Finally, I hope you enjoy my work and I hope you had a great week!

Reading Movies:

1) Roger Ebert.
2) Cinematic techniques: Kubrick, The Shining, and Tarantino.

Look, Listen, Analyze.

Video Assignments:
1) Signing Words.
2) Sweet Message.

Create your Own Digital Storytelling Assignment.

Create Your Own Tutorial:
1) Changing the color tint on Paint.

Daily Creates:
1) Hyperbolic tilings.
2) Magical Light.
3) Make a support poster.

I commented on Tommy, Amanda (x2), and Courtney’s (x2) Blogs.
Tommy and Amanda commented on my Blog this week.
I replied to Tommy’s comment on my Blog.
Comments week 4

Weekly Summery 3

During Week 3, we learned about sound, radio, and music. The assignment that I struggled with this week the most would have to be trying to figure out Audacity on my computer. I am not good with technology so this class has really been kicking my butt and making me work very hard. I always love doing the Daily Creates. I love how fun they are, how they require you to be creative, and how they don’t take up a lot of your time. Making the Sound Effect Story for an Audio Assignment was very interesting and something I’ve never done before. That assignment was to make a short story using sounds. I found it interesting how sound alone could tell a story and get the listener so involved using their imagination. I believe my week’s assignments were well done. They take a while, but as long as you manage your time wisely and don’t have a lot to do, the assignments will turn out great. I learned a lot about SoundCloud, radio storytelling, and radio sounds in general. The only thing I would do differently would be to do more work during the beginning of the week. I have been very busy this week with my fiance going on a big business trip and other life events but I need to be a little better with my time. The only question that I have is how to combine a music recording with a voice recording on Audacity? I tried to figure it out and find out on the internet, but I just couldn’t figure it out for some reason. I will continue to work hard in CPSC106 and I look forward to what next week has to offer!

This week we learned about audio storytelling from the Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad videos:

The radio story I listened to:

Link to the Audio Assignments:

4 Daily Creates:

Summary of your feedback from your Comments and what you gained by looking at other people’s blogs:
Two people commented on my blog this week. The first person to comment was Courtney Rodenbough and she said, “This is really nice! and you got creative using something other than a pen/pencil!” about my Basic Element Drawing. I responded by saying, “Thank you! I love using Paint on my computer (mostly because I’m a horrible drawer). Paint is easy to use and I’d suggest it to anyone.”
I looked at ( Courtney’s blog. I liked her blog and how it was simple. Her week 3 summery talked about how she thought this week was tough just like me. On her Thanks For Your Time poem post, I commented, “I like your poem! It’s to the point and conveys a clear message. It shocked me how the Daily Create wanted us to be so dark, but I enjoyed the assignment also. Good job!”
The second person to comment on my blog this week was Stephanie and she said, “Your post was informative. I also really like the layout of your website, it’s easy on the eyes. I’m going to have to get my site looking a little better.” on my DS106 Radio Bumper post. I commented back saying, “Thank you! I love your profile picture, it’s a fun picture!”
I normally interact with Tommy Fairbank and Amanda Peregory.
Amanda’s ( Daily Create Four blog post was good. I commented, “Nice house! A house is perfect for this assignment. Great job!” Amanda’s blog is very pretty and the colors definitely catch my eye. Hopefully my blog attracts positive attention like her blog. Her blog seemed very calm and organized. I enjoyed it!

Week 2 Summary

I worked very hard on this weeks assignments and I believe I did well on them. The GIFs gave me a lot of trouble because I have never done a GIF before. There was a lot of downloading, editing, frustration, and so on; but I finally finished them. I enjoyed the Design Assignments the most this week probably. I love creating fun projects. This week I learned that I could GIF more than just videos. I GIF-ed pictures this week to see if I could accomplish it, and it worked. Now I know more about GIFs. The one thing I would do differently would be to spend more time on my Travel Design Assignment because I’m sure I could have found even more places around me to explore. The only question I have is why do GIFs have to be so hard and confusing to make? Some of the larger issues surrounding your work would be that my Wifi has been out all week, I was out of town for the holiday half of the week, and I had three midterms this week for my other class I am taking. All three of these things made getting my CPSC106 work done pretty hard to accomplish. Thankfully I find this class fun so it’s not to much of a bother doing my CPSC106 homework done little by little when I can. I am excited for what next week has to offer!

The Vignelli Canon:

Design Blitz:

Daily Creates:

Design Assignments:

Animated GIFs:

Just a reminder, my page link is:
Thank you! Please enjoy!

Week 1 Summery

The first week of CPSC106 I made my first blog, Twitter, Flickr, and SoundCloud! I think I’m doing alright so far with all we have to do. There is a LOT of stuff to do in this class and I’m having trouble keeping up. I wish there was a clear outline/syllabus calendar on what we must do all in one place. Assignments seem to be scattered about. It might just be me because I’m overwhelmed, but I’m trying to get everything done. I spend hours on the computer every day trying to do all of the work (I’m horrible with technology so it takes me a while). This class is definitely not for the lazy. This week, I set up my Domain and Social Media. If you follow the steps the Professor gives, it isn’t that hard.

Links to a mutli-model introduction blog post:

I customized my blog by messing with the color, font, theme, and more. The blog is fun to mess with and write on. The only thing I didn’t like is all of the spam I started getting.  I didn’t set up Akismet right away and in a matter of a couple days I received over 400 comments (spam). I have learned my lesson.

A link to a reflection about all the material you viewed/read about visuals of storytelling:

A link to your Photo Safari:

A link to your Photoreflection:

A link to your reflection on the photo safari:

Links to Daily Creates:

Links to different visual assignment blog post:

I feel Visual Storytelling is a fun way to portray whatever you want through visual effects. Our projects are fairly easy which is wonderful, but we have a bunch of projects to do weekly. It is very time consuming and I’m not use to spending this much time in front of a computer. I feel like I’m learning more and more about Visual Storytelling through each project I face.