Design Assignments: Dog It Out

“Take a picture of your Dog, or any animal that you have. Then upload the picture to a any desired editor. Edit the picture to make it something unique and interesting.”

I chose a picture of my parent’s cat! Her name is Sasha and she’s a little brat. I drew her holding a lollipop hoping it will make you smile! Enjoy!


Design Assignments: What Are You Missing Nearby

“Spend some time and find at least four places to visit that are near you. It is amazing all the things that we miss and take for granted near our own homes. Make a picture collage of the places you would be interested in visiting and then add text to the picture. Between the inspiring pictures and the text so you do not forget the location, you’re bound to discover new things near you!” I picked places near UMW.


Design Assignments: Tattoos 4Life

“Create a tattoo that can represent your personality type. Tell us about your tattooo, and what does it means to you. Each Color is unique, and can depict different mood. Use different effects and colors to represent the mood of your tattoo.”

This tattoo is my favorite one that I’ve come up with. My tattoo is in an infinity shape, meaning eternal (love), the two hearts represent my fiance and I, and the saying “Forever and always no matter what” is practically our theme saying. My fiance and I love saying this to each other because we mean every word and we love what it stands for. The saying means that we will love each other forever and always no matter what happens. The colors that I picked were green, red, pink, and blue. I chose green because my fiance and I love the outdoors, red because my tattoo comes from the heart, pink because it’s about love, and blue because together we will never have to be blue/sad alone. I hope you all love my tattoo because now I’m thinking of possibly getting it for myself (just without the colors).


Design Assignment: This Assignment is Suspect!

THE CASE OF THE MISSING BANANA! Suspect Boardsuspect board

It all when down during lunch. Kevin just sat down to eat with Bob when they forgot to get drinks. Kevin and Bob turned around to grab their juice boxes out of their lunch boxes but when they turned back around, THE BANANA WAS GONE! In a panic they both screamed. Margo, Edith, and Agnes came running downstairs wondering what was wrong. Kevin tried to explain to them that someone stole his banana but in such distraught it came out sounding like gibberish. Gru came in and told everyone to hold their horses and to explain what happened. Kevin explained and Bob commented that he might have seen Stewart walk by during the time the banana went missing. The gang goes to find Stewart! After searching, they found him hiding outside in the playhouse with a banana peal beside him! They FOUND THE BANDIT! Justice was served when Kevin went up to Stewart and slapped him for his wrongdoing. Stewart apologized and the two hugged it out. That wraps up the mystery of the missing banana.