Daily Create

Your favorite day with your best friend. Draw an image of the best place or thing to do with your best friend! My best friend would have to be my fiance Ryan! We love the outdoors so I drew a picture of us at the beach!

Daily Create beach day BFFL

Daily Create!

Today’s Daily Create assignment is “Silence is…” and to write a poem:   Haiku:

Silence is a joy 

Being able to take in 

The sounds of nature. 

Hear the birds chirping 

The wind running through your hair 

It is wondrous. 


Sounds other than us people 

Silence is splendid. 

Today’s Daily Create Assignment

Today’s Daily Create Assignment is “Pick an Opening Line.”     I think I’ll choose a line under the topic Romantic (#17). #ds106

“She often stared out the window at the wide open land, wondering how she could fulfill that burning desire to explore the world outside of her comfort zone.”