Daily Create: Make a support poster!

“Our friends at the Public Domain Review need support. You may or may not be able to become a friend, but we can make awesome poster here in DS106. Make a poster from their images asking people to support the project!”

I looked on Public Domain Review’s website and found an article called The Serious and the Smirk: The Smile in Portraiture. ( In this article, “Nicholas Jeeves explores the the history of the smile through the ages of portraiture, from Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa to Alexander Gardner’s photographs of Abraham Lincoln.” He answers the question most people don’t know the answer to: “Why do we so seldom see people smiling in painted portraits?” We need to promote this article because it helps to inform the public of a gradual historical event that changed the way the majority of the population poses in photos; and best of all, it does this for free! “Today when someone points a camera at us, we smile. This is the cultural and social reflex of our time, and such are our expectations of a picture portrait. But in the long history of portraiture the open smile has been largely, as it were, frowned upon.” Read this intriguing article and learn the history of the smile!
The following photo was taken from The Serious and the Smirk’s article and I used Paint to make it a promotable image. The photo was called The Laughing Violinist of 1624.

smile picture

Daily Create: Bring back trashy covers

“Create your own trashy cover from a favorite book.” I decided to do the cover of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. I chose this cover because it was this book that started my love of William Shakespeare’s plays. Ever since, I’ve read and loved so many of his plays. I looked up trashy covers and found a lot of romantic couples. I can’t draw people to save my life so I picked a simple cover for this project. Enjoy!

r and j

Daily Create: The dream of the Dragonflies – A death poem

“Here I’d like for people to write a somewhat serious poem, ideally a haiku or tanka, from the point of view of someone who is going to die and knows it. ”
I have chosen to write a haiku about a girl who is tragically dying of old age.

Sitting here alone
Staring out at the ocean
In this little room

My children visit
They all ask how I’m doing
I lie and say fine

My hair is so grey
My bones keep getting weaker
I miss my husband

The doctors are nice
Medicine keeps me going
It’s alright for now


Daily Create : Basic element drawing

We can draw everything with these 5 basic elements. Shall we try it? Find a complex subject for your composition and draw it!
The five basic elements are: circles, squares, triangles, lines, and dots! I decided to draw a flower in a flower pot for my picture using the Paint application on my computer. It actually wasn’t hard, but instead fun!


Daily Create

Hand and paper drawing! I’m eating dinner right now and I was trying to think of how I could incorporate my finger into a drawing no body has done yet. Then it hit me, food… food that looks like a finger… finger food… hot dogs! So I drew a hot dog as my daily create! Enjoy!


Daily Create

“What odds and ends give you pleasure? Make an ink drawing.”

Some “odds and ends” that I like are furniture and wood! My fiance and I love doing DIY (do it yourself) projects and we are always looking for new things to create. The photo below is an ink (pen) drawing of a couch, chair, wood, and a box (hopefully you can tell which is which). I love when things are free or on sale. The last great find that I came across was an old headboard on someone’s lawn that they were giving away, and it just so happens my fiance and I needed a headboard. Now we need a dining room table and chairs so I’m keeping my eye out for it.


Daily Create

Embed history of art in the everyday. In the spirit of Alexey Kondakov. Embed a famous painting in an everyday setting. @patlockley I have embed the painting Girl With A Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer ( into a picture I took of the beach and boardwalk in Virginia Beach, VA.