Archive | June 2015

Photo Visuals of Storytelling

I love taking pictures. I want to capture all of life’s big events and small quirks. Recently I’ve been trying to limit my photo taking because I’ve taken hundreds of photos and I have no idea what to do with them. Using SnapChat is so much fun for me. I take pictures of everything, I’m able to share it with whomever I want, and they don’t linger around forever. I love taking photos of my family, friends, and fiance. I also love taking photos of nature, animals, and everything that catches my eye. I don’t think I have a particular approach to taking photos. I just try to capture the image so I can look back and enjoy them. In my photos, a particular feeling or meaning I try to capture would be people having fun or nature looking beautiful (as always); I believe I’m semi successful at doing so. I hope throughout CPSC106, I become someone “who thinks more about composition, framing, and being more intentional with your photography” ( I want to be able to take powerful photographs that convey a meaning or story. I love taking pictures and experimenting with colors. I wish to take more black and white photos though but I’m scared I’ll miss the color. I believe that I need to be more creative when taking photos to help improve them.

Daily Create!

Today’s Daily Create assignment is “Silence is…” and to write a poem:   Haiku:

Silence is a joy 

Being able to take in 

The sounds of nature. 

Hear the birds chirping 

The wind running through your hair 

It is wondrous. 


Sounds other than us people 

Silence is splendid.